Milk cartels

ESKARIAM leads the claim against the Milk Cartel thanks to the 2,000 farmers who have trusted us with their defense

What are the grounds of the claim?

The existence of an illegal agreement between the cow's milk purchasing groups to operate a buyer cartel, in other words, deciding to implement a common strategy to lower the price of milk and make more money as a result.

What is the sum?

What is the sum that farmers done out of money can claim?

The CNMC recognises in its resolution that the dairy industries manipulated the price by more than 10%, which means that each farmer could claim at least 10% of his/her turnover for the time that the cartel was in existence (since 2000).

Who is the lawsuit being brought against?

According to the resolution issued by the CNMC in July 2019, the claim is brought against any of the companies belonging to the cartel, who are Calidad Pascual, Corporación Alimentaria Peñasanta, Danone, Grupo Lactalis Iberia, Nestlé España, Puleva, Schreiber Food España (formerly Senoble Ibérica), Central Lechera de Galicia (CELEGA), Asociación de Empresas Lácteas de Galicia and Gremio de Industrias Lácteas de Cataluña (GIL)

What is the deadline?

Claims can be made until July 2020. Every farmer affected between 2000 and 2013 can make a claim.

What is required?

Invoices for the sale of milk between 2000 to 2013 showing the selling price and volume sold. If no invoices are available, any other document showing the litres sold and the amount paid.

Can we help you?

Free feasibility study and consultation. We take care of the whole process. We only charge if you win.